A game of believing in yourself, of getting up when you’ve been beaten, of covering one more mile before you collapse, of manipulating your mind and willpower. Gear up for this challenge and take your body, mind and spirit on a journey that will elevate all three.

The Hell Race will be a series of racing events that will push you to extremes in different terrains like hot and humid thick forests, the mighty mountains, barren land of vast deserts and windy beaches.


5 days. 5 passes. 5 marathons!

Great Himalayan Running Festival

Extreme temperatures to test you.
A cold desert as your playground.
Himalayan rivers and streams to keep you company.
High altitude passes to challenge your grit.
Bare mountain faces and blue skies to mesmerize you.
Thinner air to make your lungs gasp.
And some love for the open road!

Gruelling 480 km. 120 hour ordeal.

The Hell Ultra

When the lungs scream for breath and the body pleads for rest, that is when you stand tall & rise high to show your true grit -- can't be for the weak of will!

Many can run, but not all can run The Hell Ultra. Let's find out where you fit. Get ready for a run that will test your strength and challenge your stamina. Come September and the barren cold desert will come to life! It will become a battleground where willpower fights fatigue, fortitude duels surrender and the feet battle the mind!



How long can you stay on the saddle?

MTB Challenge: Dhaladhar Chapter

This isn’t just a bike race. The race would reach to the next level when you will face some non rideable patches in the track. There you would carry your bike on your shoulders & walk to cross and complete the same. So get set, register and prepare yourself for one hell of the race and put yourself to test in the worst.

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