These are the essential adventure dates for your 2018 diary

Whether you want to push yourself to the limit or watch others doing so from your sofa, check out our month-by-month guide to this year's ultimate endurance challenges from February to June.

5 Toughest Indian Ultra Marathons You May Want to Try in 2018-19

Some dream of running 42.195 kilometers of a marathon once, but there are some who do it every week. They are a breed of serious runners who ran a marathon, but found that it was just not tough enough to challenge them. So, they decided to take it a step further.

Valley of adventure

For a seasoned cricket fan, Dharamsala's spectacular stadium and the town's laid-back attitude towards it might seem incongruous. The residents - Himachalis, Tibetans, and an assortment of "creative types" who have migrated here from Indian cities - might even seem nonchalant on encountering cricketing celebrities who would cause a stampede elsewhere.

Himachal Pradesh: The Hell Race - Outlook Traveller

Photo Courtesy: The Hell Race Have you been practising for the marathons? Curious about your stamina and strength? Then go for the Bir-Billing Half Marathon in Himachal Pradesh, slated for April 16 this year. It is a part of a larger series of endurance races called The Hell Race ( and features mountain biking and running in the Himalaya.

What happened at India's first skyrunning event?

A skyrunning trail race held on the slopes of Solang Valley, Manali on September 11th attracted many seasoned road runners from all over India. What made this race unique was that it was first of a kind race in India where elevation was high and included different sorts of terrains one could imagine.

Manali lad wins first skyrunning race - The News Himachal

Manali: The one of a kind skyrunning race in Manali successfully culminated on Sunday. A record number of 53 runners (including 4 women) from all over India participated in the two categories in the race that reached the highest altitude of 3,350 meters. 36 runners ran the 30km distance and 17 participated in the 60km ...

Manali to host country's first skyrunning event - Times of India

MANALI: Manali is all set to host India's first skyrunning race event in Solang valley of Manali on September 11 where extreme racers from India and abroad will struggle to complete 60km-stretch of inhospitable terrains. A sport of mountain running above 2,000 metres altitude, Skyrunning has an incline of more than 30% and the climb is technically tough.

The Hell Race - Pradeep Leads the 21 Km Category! - Insight Himachal English

Serious Actions starts People... Live update straight from Marhi, Pradeep leads the 21 Km category, with a thrilling start of completing 1st four Km in mere 23 Minutes. Even the female counterpart showed there way best followed him next recorded the same in just 27 Minutes. Goosebumps Already. All the best Participants.

Devender Wins 'The Hell Race'

Himachal This Week After paragliding world cup, yet another adventure sport was organised at the famous and beautiful site Bir Billing. The event named as 'The Hell Race', a mountain-cycling event,...

Heavens beckon on ride to hell - Times of India

The Dhauladhars beckon and the tracks seem pushing you into death all the time. The terrain is cruel, designed to test you. You can't afford to be weak. Not mentally. Not physically. A look down the gorge could give you goosebumps and a weak moment can send you rolling down.

Go through The Hell Race - TOJ India Edition

Otherwise known as the paragliding capital of India, The Hell Race will be the first of its kind MTB race organised in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. The 55-km competition is on December 6. With the rising number of people getting on bicycle saddles everyday in India, cycling events and races are adding up in the annual race calendar in new locations to cater ...