There will be 6 races under the aegis of the Hell Race Trail running Series (HRTS). All the participants of these races will be considered in the competition regardless of the number of the races they participate in. However, the more number of races they participate in, the better. The point system will be decided by The Hell Race team and will be based on the standards like elevation gain, distance and position of the runner in the race.


  • All the runners will be awarded scores out of 500 for a race; calculations based on the profile of the race and the finishing time.
  • If a runner satisfies The Hell Race standards, he/she will be awarded full score i.e. 500 points for that particular race, all other will be scored relatively.
  • The runner should finish within the cut-off time to be eligible for the points. 
  • The winner (both male and female) of the participating races get free entry in finale race, Solang Sky Ultra, Manali, Himachal Pradesh.
  • A leaderboard will appear on the website after the first race of the series in a year, and it will get updated with the results and ranking of runners as the series progresses with other participating races.

A massive cash prize and trophy

Ultra Trail Runner of the Year Award

Based on the point system, the runner (both male and female) who has the maximum points after the Finale race at Solang Sky Ultra will be awarded the Ultra Trail Runner of the year award.

The points of all the six races for a runner will be taken into account, so the maximum number of races you participate in, better could be your chances for the award.

A runner to be considered for the award will have to participate in at least two races of the series and the participation in the Finale i.e. Solang Sky Ultra is mandatory for the runner, failing which the runner wouldn’t be considered for the award.

A runner should have at least one podium finish in six races in order to be considered for the award.



One lakh prize money (Rs. 75,000 cash; no tax deducted and Rs. 25,000 gift vouchers)

A massive trophy (bigger than Sardar Patel Statue)


A clause for women

In order to be considered for the Rs. 75,000 cash, the points of the winner should be at least 70% of the points the winner in men category. The Rs. 25,000 gift vouchers and the trophy will be awarded regardless.