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Bir Billing Half Marathon 2018

A crazy downhill followed by an even crazier uphill followed by even crazier views!! The runners did go crazy for it all! Whoa, that’s a lot of craziness!! For all those who were not part of it today, this video will be your share of craziness. Be a part of it next year! Come and get some!!

The Hell Race 2018

2017 has been a wonderful year for us. We saw a lot of adventures, met new people, athletes and many learnings knocked on our door. With new goals and objectives for 2018, The Hell Race family wishes you a very healthy and adventurous 2018.

Hell Ultra and The High 5’s 2017 Teaser

2 Races | 1 Highway – Manali to Leh | Hell Ultra and The High 5’s

The greatest ultra. The toughest highway. Running under extreme conditions. Watch the action unfold.

Bir Billing Half Marathon 2017

A short video from the snippets of last year’s Bir Billing half marathon. See for what were the runners’ experiences, runner’s village we keep talking about, the route, and the fun overload at the finish site (the landing site of paragliders in Bir) and the village itself. It seemed more like a big family taking their running vacation for the weekend.

Meenakshi Negi Bisht talks about Bir Billing Half Marathon

Meenakshi Negi Bisht, a local resident of Palampur talks about living in the mountains and running as it has transformed her ways of life. She participated in the Bir Billing half Marathon in 2017 and has now trained well for the challenge this year.

MTB Challenge Dharamshala Route Preview

The MTB Challenge Dharamshala brings to you some of the most challenging trails in the region. You’ll ride through pine forests, tiny villages and vast meadows over the 72 kilometer route. The race is designed to test your endurance on long inclines and skills on off road downhills.

MTB Challenge Dharamshala Route Preview

When you ride in Dharamshala, we promise you some spectacular views of the mountains all through the race.

Bir Billing Half Marathon Route Preview

Feel the true essence of a quaint Himalayan valley steeped in Buddhist culture, as you run past small settlements, fields, meadows, streams, rivers and monasteries.

Run and Ride in Bir

The possibilities are endless once you decide to play. Bir, an amazing place for endurance sports. Come and explore!

Great Himalayan Running Festival 2016 Trailer

It will hurt you, it will dent your will power and you will need to push your body to it’s max, but when you are done, it will be worth it !

Great Himalayan Running Festival 2016 Teaser

Five marathons on five consecutive days from Manali to Leh 

Harsh weather and high altitudes are just a couple of reasons why the Manali-Leh road has been featured among the toughest highways in the world.

Bir Billing Half Marathon

Different people have different reasons why they run. Here’s one, according to Raw Bin Bisht who visited Bir recently to check out the route of the Bir Billing half marathon.

Bir Billing Half Marathon

Arvind Budania talks about why Bir is a great destination for athletes.