Come to the Himalayas for a week-long celebration of running.

The Hell Ultra -480km might appear formidable to some and downright crazy to most, but for those of us who wish to get a taste of running at high altitudes we introduce the great Himalayan stage run – The High 5’s

Run five full marathons on five consecutive days from Manali to Leh on the toughest & the highest road in the world.

Hell Ultra and The High 5's 2017



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Relax after the grueling day’s run and indulge yourself in this festival of running. Interaction with fellow athletes, adventure and survival stories from locals, and much more. Getting a taste of local Ladhaki lifestyle at these very remote locations.

The idea behind ‘The High 5’s’ is to celebrate running not only as a sport, but also as a lifestyle; to provide a platform for runners from all around the World to meet, to run together, share their experiences, surviving in the toughest conditions, overcoming barriers. The remotest highway with the harshest conditions and the most beautiful landscapes the country has to offer, The High 5’s is a festival that you would want to participate in.

The last edition saw the runners facing extreme weather conditions, from a sunny 30 degrees to hailstorms and a crazy snowstorm at Baralachala. The nights saw temperatures dipping to -10 degrees. Add to this, an average altitude of 4000m and oxygen levels of 50%, making it one of the most difficult running events in the country.

Runners would wake up each day to a different landscape – from the lush green valleys of Manali to the barren but breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of Ladakh. Each curve on the road have a different surprise in store – the mountains would change color; the peaks looks nearer and the clouds against the deep blue sky paints the prettiest picture.

Great Himalayan Running Festival 2016

The first edition saw athletes battling inhospitable conditions of the Manali-Leh highway to run 05 marathons on 05 consecutive days.