The name Hell Race perhaps doesn’t even begin to tell about the experience that lies ahead. Having run this in the opening edition, I was here with little knowledge about what lies ahead. There was a calm in the oblivity which I was lost in. But not for long. The pre-race briefing did give an inkling of what may come ahead, but as they say, the taste of the pudding is in eating.

Once at the start line, one started to trudge along, but the next 30km have a story of their own. The terrain was unexpected, the route was unimaginable… But the experience was marvellous. Each turn, each climb, each stretch of the route was an experience by itself which will remain etched forever. This run not only defined what trail running is all about but widened the perspective of runner inside me.


Coming back to the finish line I didn’t feel defeated but challenged to deal with this better next time. To know the devil that sleeps under those mountains and to befriend it and fall in love with.

Would you recommend this race?

For every runner, it’s a challenge to push themselves to longer distance. But it’s also important to experience different terrain. Hells race is one of such experience. It not only throws challenges at your running capabilities but tests your mental and physical limit. The unpredictability of the course keeps you on the toes and the surprises keep you intrigued.

I would say for each runner it is a must do event not only to experience a different course but to evolve and grow as a runner.


About Tarun Walecha?

An Architect by profession, amateur photographer, traveller and a sports enthusiast. Tarun, at the age of 47, runs an active running community – RunXtreme and is driving people to lead a healthy life through active running.

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