The call of the desert

A run starting from the Golden City of Jaisalmer and ending at the battlefield of Longewala, via Ramgarh and some ruined, evacuated villages. The route has almost all the likes of any famous 100 milers and 100kms. The participants are exposed to the elements of nature, face to face while fighting their own demons mentally as is the case with any ultra, philosophically speaking. Also, a great opportunity for the runners to bring home their Personal Best times in either 100 mile or 100kms because the elevation gain is about 650mtrs and 250mtrs respectively; a pan flat course.

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Why is it named The Border?

The race route is close to the Indo-Pak border. It passes through the famous dunes, vast landscapes, open spaces, long stretches of roads passing through the remote and tiny villages. Jaisalmer is a world heritage site that stands on a yellow-ish sandstone and is crowned by the ancient and uber-popular Jaisalmer Fort. The town lies in the heart of the famous Thar Desert.

Longewala is a border town in the Thar Desert in the western part of Jaisalmer district. It is very close to the border with Pakistan and is most notable as the location of the Battle of Longewala during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 (December 4-7).120 jawans of the 23rd battalion, Punjab Regiment, held the post for the entire night until reinforced the next day (watch the movie Border if not yet done so). It was a decisive victory for the Indian Army. We devote this race to the martyrs and the brave soldiers who confronted the enemy the entire night. Plus, this is a really good terrain for a 100 miler and 100km race.


Why you should do it?

The route is barren-beautiful that catches the eyes and vaporizes the thoughts. There’s a lot to discover in this part of India that’s yet to be experienced and to learn about. We have done it before and we thought of providing an opportunity to the people to feel the way we felt. The second edition is going to be grandeur.

Note: Foreign nationals cannot participate in the 100 miler category due to the proximity to the Indo-Pak border area (permission issue).

Donations by runners for the widow fund

In this second edition, we came up with the idea to support the Army personals widows through this race. Runners may choose to donate any amount of Rs. 250, Rs. 500, Rs. 750 and Rs. 1,000 and for every donated amount by any runners, The Hell Race will also donate the same amount. For example, if Rs. 1,00,000 were donated in total by runners, we will also donate Rs. 1,00,000 to the widow fund that Indian Army maintains. You all will be kept in the loop and updated.

the border