Results 2018

This edition’s competition broke all limits with the podium finishers flying through the course at incredible speed. It was absolutely inspiring to watch them finish in brilliant time setting new course records. In 60km among the males, Tlanding Wahlang won in a time of 7hrs 12min 56sec setting a new course record. The finishing time of all the top 3 males bettered the previous course record of 9hrs 01min 49sec.
Among the females, we had the first ever finishers; one within the cut-off and one outside the cut-off. Aakriti Verma took the first position in a time of 13hrs 49min 56sec, while Arpita Maitra finished in a time of 14hrs 44min 48sec, which unfortunately wasn’t within the cut-off. But it was a praiseworthy and heroic performance nonetheless!
As for the 30k and 10k categories, we had some serious, all-out running by the gentlemen from the Gurkha regiment among the males. 

60KM - Open Men




Net Time: 7hr 11min 23secs

Average Speed: 08.13 km/hr

Overall Rank: 1/30 Finisher


1st Runner-up


Net Time: 7hr 24min 23secs

Average Speed: 08.10 km/hr

Overall Rank: 2/30 finishers


2nd Runner-up


Net Time: 08hrs 03min 06secs

Average Speed: 7.45 km/hr

Overall Rank: 3/30 Finisher

60KM - Open Women




Net Time: 13hr 49min 56secs

Average Speed: 04.30 km/hr

Overall Rank: 30/30 Finisher

30KM - Open Men




Net Time: 3hr 19min 37secs

Average Speed: 09.02 km/hr

Overall Rank: 1/16 Finisher


1st Runner-up


Net Time: 3hr 30min 58secs

Average Speed: 08.53 km/hr

Overall Rank: 2/16 finishers


2nd Runner-up


Net Time: 03hr 47min 20secs

Average Speed: 7.92 km/hr

Overall Rank: 3/16 Finisher

30KM - Open Women




Net Time: 5hr 24min 21secs

Average Speed: 05.55 km/hr

Overall Rank: 8/30 Finisher


1st Runner-up


Net Time: 5hr 38min 23secs

Average Speed: 05.32 km/hr

Overall Rank: 11/30 Finisher

10KM - Open Men




Net Time: 51min 48secs

Average Speed: 11.58 km/hr

Overall Rank: 1/11 Finisher


1st Runner-up


Net Time: 54min 53secs

Average Speed: 10.93 km/hr

Overall Rank: 2/11 finishers


2nd Runner-up


Net Time: 01hr 08min 58secs

Average Speed: 8.70 km/hr

Overall Rank: 3/11 Finisher

10KM - Open Women




Net Time: 1hr 52min 49secs

Average Speed: 05.32 km/hr

Overall Rank: 10/11 Finisher


1st Runner-up


Net Time: 1hr 53min 00secs

Average Speed: 05.31 km/hr

Overall Rank: 11/11 Finisher

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60KM Race Results

S.No. First Name Time Rank Sex Certificates
1 Tlanding Wahlang 7h 11m 13s 1/29 M Download
2 Radhey Kumar 7h 24m 23s 2/29 M Download
3 Okitlang Syiemlieh 8h 3m 6s 3/29 M Download
4 Swonding Mawlong 8h 34m 43s 4/29 M Download
5 Suman Gurung 9h 10m 38s 5/29 M Download
6 Sampathkumar Subrama 9h 27m 15s 6/29 M Download
7 Sandeep Sunar 9h 43m 29s 7/29 M Download
8 Sanjay Kumar 9h 43m 30s 8/29 M Download
9 Chinglensana Phanjou 10h 17m 53s 9/29 M Download
10 Gerald Pde 10h 17m 55s 10/29 M Download
11 Sumit Dahiya 10h 29m 54s 11/29 M Download
12 Yogesh Tiwari 11h 13m 23s 12/29 M Download
13 Bharampal Singh 11h 18m 30s 13/29 M Download
14 Vinit Kaura 11h 21m 9s 14/29 M Download
15 Rakesh Kashyap 11h 31m 15s 15/29 M Download
16 Amit Kumar 11h 52m 54s 16/29 M Download
17 Ram Ratan 11h 53m 4s 17/29 M Download
18 Sanjay Sharma 11h 56m 25s 18/29 M Download
19 Bejoy Jacob 12h 3m 10s 19/29 M Download
20 Sumit Agarwal 12h 15m 0s 20/29 M Download
21 Taher Merchant 12h 22m 7s 21/29 M Download
22 Pranav Kumar 12h 29m 50s 22/29 M Download
23 Nischint Katoch 12h 49m 39s 23/29 M Download
24 Jefferson Kharnaior 13h 18m 18s 24/29 M Download
25 S Jena 13h 23m 34s 25/29 M Download
26 Parul Singhal 13h 23m 40s 26/29 M Download
27 Rk Bali 13h 27m 37s 27/29 M Download
28 Amit Jain 13h 49m 25s 28/29 M Download
29 Srivathsal V 13h 49m 46s 29/29 M Download
30 Aakriti Verma 13h 49m 56s 1/1 F Download
31 Avinas Chandran 14h 12m 19s DNF in Cutoff M Download
32 Arpita Maitra 14h 43m 40s DNF in Cutoff F Download
33 Praveen Gandhi 14h 51m 40s DNF in Cutoff M Download
34 Ankit Kumar DNF DNF M Download
35 Vaibhav Astir DNF DNF M Download
36 Swaty Kajaria DNF DNF F Download
37 Matthew J.Kopacka DNF DNF M Download
38 Anjeet Kumar DNF DNF M Download
39 Sidharth Tripathy DNF DNF M Download
40 Pooja Rani DNF DNF F Download
41 Shyamala S DNF DNF F Download
42 Aparajit Ninawe DNF DNF M Download
43 Karanpreet Singh DNF DNF M Download
44 Shivam Shrivastava DNF DNF M Download
45 Mandip Kaur DNF DNF F Download
46 Anil Kumar DNF DNF M Download
47 Santosh Kumar DNF DNF M Download
48 Gaurav Devaiah DNF DNF M Download
49 Hira Lal DNF DNF M Download

30KM Race Results

S.No. First Name Time Rank Sex Certificates
1 Rajkumar Serma 3h 19m 37s 1/14 M Download
2 Koj Chobing 3h 30m 58s 2/14 M Download
3 Durga Bahadur Gurung 3h 47m 20s 3/14 M Download
4 Deepesh Chetri 4h 32m 11s 4/14 M Download
5 Kanhaiya Dhurve 4h 34m 40s 5/14 M Download
6 Nanaiah P.S. 4h 44m 26s 6/14 M Download
7 Milan Gupta 5h 10m 16s 7/14 M Download
8 Lisa Fung-Kee-Fung 5h 24m 21s 1/2 F Download
9 Saurabh Chopra 5h 29m 57s 8/14 M Download
10 Ankit Marwaha 5h 36m 29s 9/14 M Download
11 Priyanjali Dang 5h 38m 23s 2/2 F Download
12 Bhaskar Ramraju 5h 38m 30s 10/14 M Download
13 Vikram Danyal 5h 44m 53s 11/14 M Download
14 Tarun Walecha 5h 47m 38s 12/14 M Download
15 Chandan Bajaj 5h 47m 49s 13/14 M Download
16 Ajay Kumar 5h 55m 22s 14/14 M Download
17 Nawang Shakya Bodh 6h 1m 33s DNF in Cutoff M Download
18 Sunny Sharma 6h 2m 34s DNF in Cutoff M Download
19 Gaurav Sethi 6h 5m 28s DNF in Cutoff M Download
20 Manish Gupta 6h 16m 26s DNF in Cutoff M Download
21 Neeraj Kochhar 6h 19m 59s DNF in Cutoff M Download
22 Jay Purohit 6h 20m 10s DNF in Cutoff M Download
23 Vineet Sehgal 6h 25m 6s DNF in Cutoff M Download
24 Raj Kumar 6h 25m 35s DNF in Cutoff M Download
25 Umed Kejeriwal 6h 25m 44s DNF in Cutoff M Download
26 Jagmohan Singh 6h 29m 20s DNF in Cutoff M Download
27 Rajiv Jindal 6h 31m 30s DNF in Cutoff M Download
28 Anil Kumar 6h 34m 14s DNF in Cutoff M Download
29 Abhinav Kumar 6h 49m 46s DNF in Cutoff M Download
30 Dhaval Jajal 6h 57m 8s DNF in Cutoff M Download
31 Arvind Budaniya 7h 2m 54s DNF in Cutoff M Download
32 Saurabh Sharma 7h 36m 34s DNF in Cutoff M Download
33 Vikram Aggarwal 7h 37m 3s DNF in Cutoff M Download
34 Mahalakshmi Sagar 7h 39m 23s DNF in Cutoff F Download
35 Dilip Sharma 7h 39m 18s DNF in Cutoff M Download
36 Sandeep C.R 7h 39m 23s DNF in Cutoff M Download
37 Gurmeet Singh Ahuja 7h 39m 28s DNF in Cutoff M Download
38 Abhrajit Ray 7h 41m 33s DNF in Cutoff M Download
39 Ravikumar Patel 7h 42m 40s DNF in Cutoff M Download
40 Pravin Shetti 7h 58m 21s DNF in Cutoff M Download
41 Neha Baghel 8h 4m 45s DNF in Cutoff F Download
42 Sanjeev Gupta 8h 34m 9s DNF in Cutoff M Download
43 Arjun Arora 10h 0m 55s DNF in Cutoff M Download
44 Arun Prajapati 10h 0m 56s DNF in Cutoff M Download
45 Mansi Tripathy 10h 10m 56s DNF in Cutoff F Download
46 Manoj Garg 10h 10m 56s DNF in Cutoff M Download
47 Pravin Patel 10h 50m 16s DNF in Cutoff M Download
48 Tirtha Basu DNS DNS M
49 Sumeet Virmani DNS DNS M
50 Anshul Kumar DNS DNS M
51 Utkarsh Bisen DNS DNS M
52 Amit Kadian DNS DNS M
53 Sheetal Gambhir DNS DNS M
54 Varun Iyengar DNS DNS M
55 Vaneesh Kaushal DNS DNS M
56 Deepak Bisht DNS DNS M
57 Ravi K DNS DNS M
58 Amith Limboo DNS DNS M
59 Pradeep Chaudhary DNS DNS M
60 Arjun Yadav DNF DNF in Cutoff M Download
61 Paramita Das DNS DNS F
62 Ayesha Sultana Basu DNS DNS F
63 Barinder Kaur 8h 34m 49s DNF in Cutoff F Download
64 Ranjana Panwar DNS DNS F

10KM Race Results

S.No. Participant Name Net Time Rank Gender Bib. No. Certificates
1 Parvesh Manger 0h 51m 48s 1/9 M 1026 Download
2 Rajendra Nepali 0h 54m 53s 2/9 M 1027 Download
3 Narendra Ram 1h 8m 58s 3/9 M 1054 Download
4 Prabhat Ranjan 1h 29m 23s 4/9 M 1045 Download
5 Arnav Walecha 1h 31m 53s 5/9 M 1052 Download
6 Rajat Malhotra 1h 32m 2s 6/9 M 1055 Download
7 Raman Gauba 1h 35m 7s 7/9 M 1037 Download
8 Sanjay Mehra 1h 38m 50s 8/9 M 1047 Download
9 Pawan Sangwan 1h 38m 56s 9/9 M 1049 Download
10 Sapna Gupta 1h 52m 49s 1/2 F 1050 Download
11 Reena Singh 1h 53m 0s 2/2 F 1016 Download
12 Vipul Chawla 2h 2m 11s DNF in Cutoff M 1001 Download
13 Prachi Vashisht Shar 2h 3m 48s DNF in Cutoff F 1044 Download
14 Faisal Dilawar 2h 3m 56s DNF in Cutoff M 1002 Downlaod
15 Vikash Kumar 2h 13m 44s DNF in Cutoff M 1024 Download
16 Nagma Khanna 2h 16m 56s DNF in Cutoff F 1007 Download
17 Namita 2h 16m 59s DNF in Cutoff F 1013 Download
18 Sumit Khanna 2h 17m 8s DNF in Cutoff M 1011 Download
19 Manoj Michigan 2h 26m 9s DNF in Cutoff M 1005 Download
20 Jyoti Rana 2h 26m 30s DNF in Cutoff F 1018 Download
21 2h 29m 33s DNF in Cutoff M 1063 Download
22 Gaurav Mendiratta 2h 34m 4s DNF in Cutoff M 1048 Download
23 Anuradha Sangwan 2h 34m 11s DNF in Cutoff F 1039 Download
24 Alka Jain 2h 34m 17s DNF in Cutoff F 1038 Download
25 Radhika Khanna 2h 38m 11s DNF in Cutoff F 1010 Download
26 Asha Soren 2h 38m 34s DNF in Cutoff F 1004 Download
27 2h 38m 42s DNF in Cutoff M 1057 Download
28 Surbhi Bahl 2h 38m 57s DNF in Cutoff F 1035 Download
29 Pritika Seth 2h 39m 29s DNF in Cutoff F 1008 Download
30 Aparna Taneja 2h 52m 55s DNF in Cutoff F 1043 Download
31 Suman Magan 2h 54m 26s DNF in Cutoff F 1042 Download
32 Sanjeev Sharma 3h 15m 25s DNF in Cutoff M 1028 Download
33 Naresh Sharma 3h 15m 35s DNF in Cutoff M 1029 Download
34 Capt. Keerthi 3h 24m 48s DNF in Cutoff M 1033 Download
35 3h 27m 44s DNF in Cutoff M 1056 Download
36 Shreyansh Raghuvansh 3h 31m 20s DNF in Cutoff M 1022 Download
37 Shagun Singh 3h 32m 15s DNF in Cutoff F 1009 Download
38 Khushi Raghuvanshi 3h 32m 17s DNF in Cutoff F 1053 Download
39 Tanzeela Khanam 3h 49m 8s DNF in Cutoff M 1003 Download
40 Sumedh Garg 4h 1m 17s DNF in Cutoff M 1021 Download
41 Monika Garg 4h 1m 24s DNF in Cutoff F 1020 Download
42 Shweta Chouhan DNS DNS F 1006
43 Dr. Ashvinder Singh DNS DNS M 1012
44 Damul Khurana DNS DNS M 1014
45 Tanya Agarwal DNS DNS F 1015
46 Shama Dhamija DNS DNS F 1017
47 Rakesh Kumar DNS DNS M 1019
48 Arjun Yadav DNS DNS M 1025
49 Rishi DNS DNS M 1030
50 Sudeep Verma DNS DNS M 1031
51 Capt. Mehul DNS DNS M 1032
52 Vivek Pundir DNS DNS M 1023
53 Vikas Verma DNS DNS M 1034
54 Gunjan Shah DNS DNS M 1036
55 Anita Mahapatra DNS DNS F 1040
56 Sujit Kumar Singh DNS DNS M 1041
57 Nitin Chandra DNS DNS M 1046
58 Surendra Mohan DNS DNS M 1051