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The Hell Race Experiences – Sangeeta Saikia

I simply loved every moment on that trail. Some 9.5 km from the start, by some stroke of luck I found myself all alone on a small hillock after having carefully crossed a slippery stretch of the trail. Here, it was like the clouds had come down to embrace me. It felt like I had reached heaven. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the place that I cried copiously- tears of joy and thanked my good fortune for being healthy and hearty to be there at that moment of time. It was pure bliss!

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The Hell Race Experiences – Tarun Walecha

The terrain was unexpected, the route was unimaginable. But the experience was marvellous. Each turn, each climb, each stretch of the route was an experience by itself which will remain etched forever. This run not only defined what trail running is all about but widened the perspective of runner inside me.

The Hell Race Experiences – Nishant Sharma

I still remember those words which were used again and again “It’s a technical course” and I kept on wondering why the hell they are using this again and again or is there some catch and then in between comes the master stroke watch out for snakes, stinging nettle, even wild bears. Whenever we Hell Race buddies Tarun Walecha, Karan, Nischint catch-up we still laugh remembering those movements, what were the looks on our faces when the briefing was happening.

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