Race Results

25th February 2018

MTB Challenge Dharamshala

About 53 riders registered in the race but 45 showed up on the start line. The intermittent rain hails and thunderstorms a day before put the race in a precarious situation but the clouds cleared just when the flag-off. The trails were slippery and it was difficult to ride them for many riders. Only 29 riders of the 45 who started could manage to finish the race.



David Kumar

Finish Time: 4hr 59min 32secs

Average Speed: 15.22 km/hr

1st runner-up

MTB-Dharamshala-1st runner-up

Naman Viz

Finish Time: 5hr 32min 15secs

Average Speed: 13.72 km/hr

2nd runner-up

MTB-Dharamshala-2nd runner-up


Finish Time: 5hr 38min 46secs

Average Speed: 13.46 km/hr

Overall RankBib No.NameCategoryCategory RankNet TimeDifferenceCertificate
1103David KumarOpen Men104:59:32-Download
2109Naman VijOpen Men205:32:1532min 43secDownload
3102ShivenOpen Men305:38:4639min 14secDownload
4146Kuldeep ThakurOpen Men405:42:4843min 16secDownload
5101Devender ThakurOpen Men505:44:2344min 51secDownload
6107Sunil BarongpaOpen Men606:03:511hr 4min 19secDownload
7105Sandeep MadaanOpen Men706:06:331hr 7min 01secDownload
8104Yogesh KumarOpen Men806:11:151hr 11min 43secDownload
9126Ramesh JogiOpen Men906:24:121hr 24min 40secDownload
10115PrateekOpen Men1006:25:181hr 25min 46secDownload
11128Rahul ThakurOpen Men1106:52:181hr 52min 46secDownload
12114GrahamOpen Men1206:55:471hr 56min 15secDownload
13106KunalOpen Men1306:56:121hr 56min 40secDownload
14127Chaman LalOpen Men1406:56:471hr 57min 15secDownload
15122PaulOpen Men1507:07:052hr 07min 33secDownload
16147Naveen BarongpaOpen Men1607:39:302hr 39min 58secDownload
17138Nirmal SinghOpen Men1708:00:003hr 0min 28secDownload
18119ThomasOpen Men1808:02:053hr 02min 33secDownload
19137Aman YadavOpen Men1908:06:303hr 06min 58secDownload
20110MarcoOpen Men2008:13:013hr 13min 29secDownload
21111HilmarOpen Men2108:14:093hr 14min 37secDownload
22142Anirudh KumarOpen Men2208:48:073hr 48min 35secDownload
23131Deepak SammiOpen Men2309:01:504hr 2min 18secDownload
24113RickyOpen Men2409:21:314hr 20min 37secDownload
25124GauravOpen Men2509:24:384hr 23min 44secDownload
26125RaghvendraOpen Men2609:35:004hr 34min 44secDownload
27116Nitin NagpalOpen Men2709:56:074hr 55min 51secDownload
28133Faisal DilawarOpen Men2811:35:206hr 35min 48secDownload
29145Sohan Singh RajputOpen Men2911:55:016hr 55min 29secDownload
30132YoimarenOpen Men3012:10:257hr 10min 53secDownload
-118SilkeOpen WomenDNFDNFDownload
-148KrishnaOpen MenDNFDNFDownload
-149JPOpen MenDNFDNFDownload
-146MannuOpen MenDNFDNFDownload
-117ManjotOpen MenDNFDNFDownload
-150Ankit SoodOpen MenDNFDNFDownload
-139GauravOpen MenDNFDNFDownload
-140HarmeetOpen MenDNFDNFDownload
-135Harpal GillOpen MenDNFDNFDownload
-136Sanjay GargOpen MenDNFDNFDownload
-134Praveen ChoureyOpen MenDNFDNF
-123SuprateekOpen MenDNFDNF
-143Barath RageshOpen MenDNFDNF
-144Chang Chok DorjeyOpen MenDNFDNF
-141Tajinder PalOpen MenDNFDNF
-160Vikrant ThakurOpen MenDNFDNF