Extreme temperatures to test you.
A cold desert as your playground.
Himalayan rivers and streams to keep you company.
High altitude passes to challenge your grit.
Bare mountain faces and blue skies to mesmerize you.
Thinner air to make your lungs gasp.
And some love for the open road!

Hell Ultra 2017

Run the entire 480km distance from Manali to Leh on the toughest & the highest highway in the world.

Manali – Leh highway is considered and is one of the toughest highways around the world because of the high altitude and harsh weather. The highway is closed & covered in Snow for almost six months, opens in the month June and closes in Oct. The average altitude is higher than 4000m & Oxygen levels dip to 40-60% on passes. Running in such conditions is not an easier task and would need serious training.

Covering the entire 480km on foot at such high altitude is definitely not for the weak of will!

During the second edition, runners ran through extreme weather conditions, temperatures dipping to -10 degrees, oxygen levels going down to 50%, in terrains that are as beautiful as they are difficult – and all this in a mere 120 hours. For every crazy idea, there is, there are equally crazy (and amazing) people out there who will jump on board. In 2017, we had 3 superhuman rockstar’s who competed Szőnyi FerencGuillaume Arthus and Bhupendra Singh Rajput.

Ferenc Szonyi, emerged the final champion of the 2017 Hell Ultra. He kept an incredibly steady but fast pace through the 5 days, completing the challenge in an awe-inspiring 113 hours 13min 29sec. He showed us how to face challenges with a smile and to stay focused no matter what!

‘It is supposed to be hard; the hard is what makes it great!’