WRITTEN BY Guillaume Arthus | 05th June 2017

My name is Guillaume Arthus, I’m 26 years old and I live and work in Paris. For me, running has become a form of discovery and exploration. I have been training very hard for the 480 km ultra, as this is the highlight of this season for me.

I primarily run very long distances, on trails and mountain ranges, and I’ve been training throughout on reduced oxygen capacity, as I hope this will help me better at the altitude on the Manali-Leh highway. Also as part of my training for GHRF, I ran a 100 miles in 24 hours, competed at 2017 Barkley Marathon, and took part in various challenges totaling more than 1000 miles in the last few months. I was the only one at the start line for the 480 ultra last year, but I could not finish the race due to an injury.

I’m really hoping to finish the challenge this year. The views on the route are gorgeous, almost like running on the moon, so I’m really looking to hit the road, start running, and be part of the many stories on the way.

As a background, I have been running for about 7 years now, 4 of those years have been on trail and ultra-categories. One of my recent projects has been to run 715 kilometers and 52,500 meters elevation on 45 trails in 15 European countries over 24 days. A similar challenge I took on in 2014 was to run 26 in 26 U.S, National Parks covering 500 miles in 26 days. Some of the other events I have participated in are  the UTMB in 2014 in 43 hours, Sinister 7 (92 miles) in 26.5 hours and the 257 kilometer  Marathon Des Sables last year.

Currently I am working on a project Runnexplorer in which I create a new running video every Tuesday. The concept of Runnexplorer is to travel the world and find the best running spots. Follow my videos here