WRITTEN BY Ferenc Szonyi | 30th May 2017

I’m known as the ‘race machine’ in the international triathlon community. This nickname was given to me by a friend who saw that only I was running the last few laps of a particularly difficult race, at a constant pace, in Mexico in 2008 while the other athletes were really tired. So he said I can run like a machine. This was only a year after I started running seriously in my life so you can reckon how serious I already was about this sport. I started late in life, but I have participated in many ultra events in the time since then. A year later, in 2009, is when I started exploring the worlds of the IUTA, or International Ultra Triathlon Association.

I have finished a total of 112 Ironman distances so far, which also includes 30 Ironman triathlons in 30 consecutive days, 20IM in 20 days and 10IM in 10 days. One Ironman requires you to finish 3.86k swim + 180.25k bicycle ride + 42.2k run. I have also completed the Race Across America – the toughest bike race in the world twice, in 2010 and 2012 and the Spartathlon (246 km) 3 times. Few of the other long-distance races that I have taken part in and finished includes the Milano-Sanremo (283 km), Vienna-Budapest (320 km), Jungle Ultra (230 km)