WRITTEN BY Bhupendra Singh Rajput | 07th June 2017

I was born into a farming family in the Dhule district of Maharashtra and through my childhood and youth, I wasn’t involved with any major sport, except for the only consistent outdoor activity in life which was walking barefoot for long distances. My tryst with running started more than ten years ago in 2006 when I was in Mumbai for work and noticed an advertisement for a half marathon, that I then completed in under 3 hours. I did the same race twice the following years and managed good time in it as well, till I graduated to the full marathon in 2009 apart from participating in various other races in the country. Over the next few years, I met various athletes who introduced me to tougher races like ultras, and I enjoyed them very much as well.

I went on to run Globeracers’ 100 mile-ultramarathon in Thar Desert once, the 100 km-ultramarathon in Nilgiri once, the 100 mile-ultramarathon in Kutch four times, the 135 mile-ultramarathon in Uttarkashi four times, the 100 mile-category of Bhatti Lakes once and its 135 mile-category four times. Last year was also very eventful for me, as apart from the very challenging Himalayan Crossings Race, I also successfully completed the 135 miler in Uttarkashi in August, an 80 km-ultramarathon in Coorg, the 135 miler at Bhatti Lakes, the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in November and that too barefoot to a personal best of 1:40.  In December I did the Bengaluru Midnight Full Marathon and 50k