Great Himalayan Running Festival 2017 | Bhupendra Rajput

I was born into a farming family in the Dhule district of Maharashtra and through my childhood and youth, I wasn’t involved with any major sport, except for the only consistent outdoor activity in life which was walking barefoot for long distances. My tryst with running started more than ten years ago in 2006 when I was in Mumbai for work and noticed an advertisement for a half marathon, that I then completed in under 3 hours. I did the same race twice the following years and managed good time in it as well, till I graduated to the full marathon in 2009 apart from participating in various other races in the country.

Great Himalayan Running Festival 2017 | David Cole

My name is David Cole, I’m 49 years of age, from Australia and working and living in Thailand with my wife and son. I started running just 10 years ago – the catalyst was living in Shanghai where I had little opportunity to exercise having a door to door subway commute between home and my office, so I joined an 8km fun run and it started from there. I found myself quickly running marathons, and then getting in on the trail running boom throughout Asia. I need to be always doing something active; being in the outdoors.

Great Himalayan Running Festival 2017 | Guillaume Arthus

My name is Guillaume Arthus, I’m 26 years old and I live and work in Paris. For me, running has become a form of discovery and exploration. I have been training very hard for the 480 km ultra, as this is the highlight of this season for me. I primarily run very long distances, on trails and mountain ranges, and I’ve been training throughout on reduced oxygen capacity, as I hope this will help me better at the altitude on the Manali-Leh highway.

Great Himalayan Running Festival 2017 | Ferenc Szonyi

I believe running has become a very important part of my life. It keeps me focused by becoming the sole purpose in my life, just as much as it keeps me disciplined and working hard towards upcoming events. The goal is different each time I run. Sometime I run just to get to the finish line, sometimes the victory becomes very important to me, and it’s also a great feeling to run with other people and share the camaraderie. I am more than 50 years of age, so my expectation is usually just to finish the hard races. At this stage for me, finishing is the same as winning.

Great Himalayan Running Festival 2017 | Simon Hollis

I’m a 50-year old (only just) ultra runner from England. I live in a small town called Broughton, with my wife of 15 years and two lovely children. I heard about the Great Himalayan Running Festival from a Facebook advert in March, when the word ‘hell’ in the title immediately caught my attention. I’ve been training for the event since, with at least 6 days of running, strength training, treadmill speed work and yoga at least 6 days a week, as part of a healthy lifestyle that I try to keep. My goal is to explore the 4 key elements of the earth at the GHRF 2017. So far I’ve completed Marathon Des Sables and the BTU Amazon Jungle Ultra

Into thin air – Great Himalayan Running Festival 2016

The Great Himalayan Running Festival was truly a journey of a lifetime – running 14 km every day for 5 days, through some of the highest mountain passes in the world along the Manali – Leh highway.

Chilling in Billing – Vacation ideas in Bir-Billing

Now that you’ve decided to give the Bir-Billing Half Marathon a shot, what better way to round off your visit to the hills than to explore the area around the Bir valley. Long known as the paraglider’s paradise, the area has many lesser known thrills and experiences that are waiting to be discovered. Here, we give you a list of things that we hope you’ll enjoy doing while you’re pushing your marathon distances and times.

15 Week Training Program for the Great Himalayan Running Festival

Running 5 back to back half marathon at an average altitude of over 4000m will be a daunting task and one will need serious training. Here’s a 15 week plan to train yourself for this ultimate Himalayan Challenge.

My first attempt at Skyrunning – a hell of an experience

I still remember those words which were used again and again “It’s a technical course” and I kept on wondering why the hell they are using this again and again or is there some catch and then in between comes the master stroke watch out for snakes, stinging nettle, even wild bears. Whenever we Hell Race buddies Tarun Walecha, Karan, Nischint catch-up we still laugh remembering those movements, what were the looks on our faces when the briefing was happening.

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