7th - 9th April 2018

Runners' Village

The mountainous terrains of Bir Billing are calling. This time not just for a half marathon, but for an experience that few in this world have lived. This April, be a part of India’s first-ever Runners’ Village as you come to participate or experience the Bir Billing Half Marathon.

Runners' Village

The birth of an idea

Runners’ Village is an idea born out of our passion for running, shaped by our years of working with athletes. Runners often face logistical challenges, especially in offbeat and off season runs. And even if accommodations are available, finding that perfect place can often be a tough task that tends to take the focus away from what you’ve come to do – run. Not to miss, the joy of staying in the middle of the nature in a village raised exclusively for fellow runners and their companions is an experience best lived, and not described. The Runners’ Village is a concept village built exclusively for the runners, something that has so far happened only in events like Olympics and Asian Games.

an experience best lived, and not described

Co-Running to Co-Living

All you need to know about the Runners' Village

  1.  It will include accommodation for 200 people in a vast meadow surrounded by pine forests in Bir, Himachal Pradesh.
  2. These will be Eco-friendly tented accommodations with all basic amenities including eco-toilets, charging facilities, sleeping bags, and food.
  3. The three meals (freshly prepared) and evening snacks will be provided to all the guests every day during the duration of their stay.
  4. The village isn’t just about living, but about co-living. To celebrate the spirit of running and camaraderie, there will be various activities and events planned. Some of them are a campfire, dance, folk music, adventure activities, local treks, and on-spot competitions.
  5. There will be a platform for runners to share their extraordinary running or travel stories with pictures or videos. We will also be screening some movies that most of you haven’t seen before.
  6. The village is a temporary community being raised especially for the event. After the event, it shall be dismantled, and its space returned to nature, until next year.

Here are various combinations of cost for staying for 2 nights and 3 days from 7th to 9th April 2018. Take your pick!

Single Occupancy: ₹4500/- Per person

Double Occupancy: ₹3600/- Per person

Quad Occupancy: ₹3000/- Per person

*We have a limited number of single occupancy tents. If you really need one, please let us know well in advance.

**For group or corporate participation (10 people or more), write to us on info@thehellrace.com


  1. Accommodation for 2N and 3D (from Saturday, 07th April Noon to Monday, 09th April noon)
  2. Three meals and evening snacks for all the days (vegetarian meals)
  3. Clean eco-toilets (which we expect you to use responsibly!)
  4. All the activities mentioned above, and some more.

Cancellation Policy
While it’ll be darn sad if you are unable to come after making your booking, we understand that you may have other pressing matters. The cancellation policy is quite runner-friendly.

Cancellation Time – Percentage deduction:

  1. On or before 30 days (05th March 2017) – 20% of the total cost
  2. Between 30 to 15 days (20th March 2017) – 50% of the total cost
  3. On or after 15 days (after 21st March 2017) – 100% of the total cost

Other Important Details

  1. Owing to the limited space, we can only accommodate two guests with one runner. If you have more people joining you, please write to us in advance to check the availability.
  2. Except for couples, friends, and families requesting double occupancy, there will be separate tents for male and female guests.
  3. Runners’ Village is available on advance booking only. We strongly recommend you to book your slot in the run and in the village (and of those accompanying you) at the earliest. The village can accommodate up to 200 people.
  4. Fret not if you don’t get a space in the village. We’ve made arrangements with local hotels and home-stays to provide you affordable, safe and hygienic accommodation even outside the Runners’ Village.
  5. For any other queries, suggestions or details, drop us an email on info@thehellrace.com or call us on +91-8744002299. We usually respond within 24 hours, provided the internet in our Bir office is not down due to windy skies!