Remember that feeling of taking in a deep breath of pure clean air; to feel invigorated and alive.

Such is the charm of running in the alpine meadows, pine forests and feeling the serenity of the Bir Valley.

Elevation Gain
Highest Altitude
Elevation Gain
Highest Altitude
Elevation Gain
Highest Altitude

The pre-monsoon season in the hills of Himachal is perfect for long-distance runs. While the tricky terrain keeps you on your toes – often literally – the cool wind blowing in your face and hair gives you that runner’s momentum, and the drive to carry on.

It’s no ordinary half marathon!

The climbs on the rough mountain terrain will make you gasp for breath very often. The Race Route is a mix of tarmac and jeep track on rolling terrain. Feel the true essence of a quaint Himalayan valley steeped in Buddhist culture, as you run past small settlements, fields, meadows, streams, rivers, and monasteries.

The 5km and 10km category is also an option for runners who want to take it easy and still sample the breathtaking scenery.

Peace is in the Air. Run it to feel it !!

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Runners' Village

Experience the joy of staying in nature’s midst, in a village raised exclusively for fellow runners and their companions.

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Bir Bir

Fly with the birds


Known for being the world’s second best paragliding destination, Bir hosted India’s first Paragliding World Cup in October 2015.

Runners can treat themselves to a bird’s eye view of the valley with a tandem paragliding flight after the race.

Peace is in the air

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With dozen of monasteries around, relax and find your spiritual center with a meditation session

Experience the spirituality and the tranquility of Bir.