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Who are we?

The Hell Race is a series of endurance races featuring mountain biking and running. The events are organized in the Himalayas which are otherwise known for trekking but have a potential for a lot more. We are a team of adventurers, racers, mountaineers and outdoor photographers with the knowledge and background in endurance races. Having traveled and participated in races around India, we know what India lacks in terms of endurance races and how we can do it better – together.
We provide a platform to newbies so that they have a motivation and knowledge from the very beginning and have something to look forward to in their own country. Many endurance athletes these days go to North America and mostly Europe to participate in the races which in turn incurs high expenses. The terrain in India is very conducive to organize these races. We aim to bring them to the Indian audience with proper infrastructure and safety measures.

‘Sports can bring about a significant positive lifestyle change among the youth of the country.

Our Vision

India lacks the competitive mountain biking and ultra-running scene despite having a great potential for the races. We came up with the idea of organizing races to introduce people with the sport and so they have something to look forward to. Sports can bring about a significant positive lifestyle change among the youth of the country. It makes them ambitious, instills self confidence and discipline.

We are determined to build a concept of world-class endurance races in India. Indians will have something to look forward to within the country and a target to achieve. We continuously visit schools within the Himachal Pradesh region to educate students about outdoor adventure sports and their importance.

In subsequent years, we are confident that leading foreign athletes and international outdoor brands will include our races in their yearly calendars.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork & intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

The Team

We are a group of people working from different parts of the Himalayas in the Himachal and Jammu & Kashmir region. Everybody is skilled in their work and has been in the racing and adventure tourism industry for quite a while now. The idea of organizing such an endurance race series hit our mind when we saw the opportunity in the region in terms of the right terrain, weather and beauty of the Himalayas. We look outside India for good races but we plan to bring and organize such well-managed and challenging race series with the country. We shall harness this opportunity for you and the participation and raced at The Hell Race events will give you a feeling of accomplishment and lift your spirits up.